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Ponera Group

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Ponera Group Dr. Masoud Talebi Amiri
Via Tassera di sotto 11 Chief Technology Officer
6918 Figino
  Tel: +41 78 792 91 34  Matthew Reali
   Chief Executive Officer
Anzahl Mitarbeiter
7  Tel: +41 79 214 77 00
  Christian Rüegg
  Head of Sales
  Tel: +41 79 122 51 57
Supply in the area of Logistics  

Ponera Group has developed a modular pallet system which by their assembly, can create different sizes of pallets in terms of surface area. This is specifically important due to the high cost of customized-size pallets. By creating a circular economy, Ponera pallets not only decrease the material costs by 90%, but also have higher strength with very secure and safe nesting system. The size of our pallets are designed in respect to the different stages of shipping process in order to maximize the shipping efficiency by increasing the amount of transferred goods in standard containers.

The material used for Ponera pallets is recyclable bio-polymers that offers higher sustainability, and possibility of reusing the pallets several times (the estimated lifetime is 15 years. Furthermore, our pallets are equipped with traceability modules that enables IoT solutions, which along with its modularity paves the way for realization of physical internet.

Membership in the VNL  
Ponera Group as one of the innovators in the field of logistics, is proudly a member of VNL platform to play its role on shaping the future of logistics. Our solution has its ground in both academia and industry by unlocking Physical Internet initiatives and understanding the needs and standards required for providing a convenient and ground-breaking solution. VNL platform helps us to be in contact with both leading enterprises and start-ups with top-notch innovations for future collaborations.