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Articles of Association/Statutes

Below is an excerpt from the VNL-Schweiz Articles of Associatio/Statutes. The full version is available as a PDF file.

§ 2 Objectives of the Association

2.1 The Association "Netzwerk Logistik Schweiz "

a) promotes and supports innovation in the area of enterprise logistics;

b) promotes cooperation and collaboration among businesses, research and educational institutions, technology transfer agencies, technology centres and private logistics companies in order to exploit potential synergies in the area of logistics;

c) strengthens and develops the logistics competence of the participating enterprises and their employees through collaboration with research and educational institutions and other relevant organisations in the logistics sector;

d) develops and supports collaborative and cross-company logistics projects;

e) advances a modern, holistic understanding of logistics;

g) encourages and supports young academics in applied research fields.

2.2 The Association shall solely and directly pursue objectives of public benefit. Its activities are not directed towards achieving a profit.