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MIXMOVE AS Knut Fredrik Ramstad
Martin Linges vei 25 CEO
1364 Fornebu
Tel: +47 98242526 Tel: +47 98242526  
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MIXMOVE is a flexible, independent cloud logistics platform that enables an open collaborative network across multiple systems. The MIXMOVE technology has the ability to do digital cross-docking on parcel level in order to increase efficiency and fill rates of transportation means, creating more sustainable supply chains. One-fifth of all trucks on European roads are completely empty, and the rest is just half-full. This causes enormous amounts of waste in the form of emissions and time. With MIXMOVE customer pallets are no longer prepared at the factory. Instead, shippers send parcels to the nearest distribution center where orders are mixed together. Then the cargo is loaded onto trucks for long-haul transport. Full truckloads move between distribution centers. At the center closest to the customer, cargo from many shippers is unloaded and repackaged into pallets for customer delivery. All parcels need to be labeled, providing full visibility of the supply chain.
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Our technology contributes to higher fill rates, decreasing the amount of emissions and increase efficiency in logistics operations. Our customer 3M experienced: 35% reduction in logistics costs in EMEA operations, 50% reduction in carbon footprint, 90% improved fill rate on long haul. On the warehouse side, DHL experienced: 186% increase in productivity, amount of volume handled during one working day was doubled, errors during operations was reduced, emergency hiring was reduced by 50%.