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Heliot SA

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Heliot SA Christofer Martinson
33 Avenue de la Gare Chief Sales & Solutions Officer
1003 Lausanne
Tel: +41 44 554 87 73 Tel: +41 79 467 15 12  
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Supply in the area of logistics  

We make IoT projects possible across all vertical segments.  As the exclusive owner and operator of the Sigfox low power wide area network infrastructure for Switzerland and Austria (& Liechtenstein) we enable businesses to take advantage of connected devices to drive efficiencies and optimization, and to build new business models and services.  Our network – the only global IoT focused network – is complimented by our extensive Partner Network which consists of  chip manufacturers to device makers, design houses to system integrators, software developers to cloud service providers; effectively, the entire IoT value chain.

Our global network is built to support long battery life (low power consumption), low cost, long range and designed for reliability & security.  The Sigfox technology is also highly complementary to traditional M2M cellular networks and other connectivity technologies.

Membership in the VNL  

Our membership within VNL is based on building awareness, providing insight and creating a dialogue surrounding connected objects and the business value their data delivers.