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The Modum solution provides passive monitoring for products in transit, by combining IoT and blockchain technologies. The modum sensors record environmental conditions during shipments. When goods change ownership, the collected data is checked against the thresholds set in the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. These thresholds can be determined by the sender, receiver, or a regulator. Depending on the outcome, the smart contract can trigger various actions: notifications to sender and receiver, payment, or release of goods, for example.
Bedürfnisse / Herausforderungen im Bereich Logistik  
Modum’s first product targets the pharma supply chain, offering an alternative to conventional temperature controlled logistics in order to comply with GDP regulations. The modum solution offers compliance and auditability by using blockchain technology. The applications of this cutting-edge technology comes with significant cost savings and the ability to generate valuable data for the continuous improvement of supply-chain logistics. Three successful, international pilots have validated the efficacy of modum’s solution. However, as with any emerging technology, adoption and integration over conventional methods can present challenges for some customers.
Kompetenzen im Bereich Logistik  
The Modum system guarantees compliance and has the potential to significantly reduce the 3 billion USD spent annually on logistics services within the industry. modum’s pharma supply-chain solution was successfully piloted in June 2016.
Grund für Mitgliedschaft im VNL  
The VNL accelerates innovation in logistics through the dissemination and exploration of relevant research and technology. As a technology solutions provider, modum’s membership in the VNL enables a platform for aligning the goals for our technology with interested parties who are invested driving progress within the global supply chain.