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GenLots SA

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GenLots SA Simon Schenker  Co-Founder
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GenLots computes the optimal way to order external materials & components needed for production in manufacturing environments - in terms of timing, quantity.

It uses material parameters and daily demand signal generated by clients' orders and forecasts combined.

It results in immediate decrease on mistakes, stock-outs, scrap, as well as on average in 30% less incoming deliveries (for the same quantity of external materials ordered and processed), AND simultaneously in less inventory of external materials.

Finally GenLots is capable of performing real-time scenario analysis with regards to the impact of changes in input parameters on costs and purchases.

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GenLots is applying new technology to long standing supply chain problems. While our products are simple to use and understand, the underlying technology is groundbreaking and allows for unprecedented savings and efficiency gains.
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Our VNL membership opens up new avenues of collaboration with industry partners and academia. We like collaborative spirit which reunites people from different industries with similar problems.