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Safeguarding LCC Sourcing Potential

Offshoring and Procurement in Low-Cost Countries are key factors in strengthening the competitive capability of Swiss enterprises. The contribution of LCC Sourcing to business success is limited however by delayed implementation, high inflation rates and rising labour costs.
Studies indicate that only 20% of LCC Sourcing projects were successful both in terms of operative as well as financial goals.

The VNL Working Group would like to go further with this research and investigate the success factors which determine the sustained safeguarding of LCC Sourcing potential.

Goals of the Working Group

Best Practices, Benchmarking and recommendations for action aimed at securing and sustaining the potential for Swiss business that can be derived from LCC Sourcing.

Results and benefits

  • Opportunities for an exchange of knowledge and experience with LCC Sourcing experts from research and practice
  • Analysis of Best Practice
  • Guidelines for the long-term safeguarding of success in your LCC Sourcing projects

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