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Working group: Procurement Digital Value - Collaborative and predictive Procurement Tools & Services

Objectives: Release the Procurement Digital Value (tools & services) to enable industry competitiveness

Our vision is to design for SMEs and larger companies in Switzerland an innovative solution in Procurement B2B compared to existing services and tools.


What it is about?

How to leverage up-to-date Procurement in order to maintain a high-level competitiveness across the Swiss Industry? (goods and services)


How often do you meet?

  • Group meetings: 4 times a year
  • Conference calls: 6-8 times a year on average
  • Ad-hoc meetings: per request


Which topics are discussed?

  • Procurement SaaS, Procurement cloud solutions
  • Procurement Digitalisation and Change Management
  • Future proof of Procurement
  • Procurement Platform B2B / Buying Centres
  • Procurement Outsourcing
  • Supplier Relationships Management (SRM)
  • New Technologies applied to Procurement (smart contracts, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc.)


How can you benefit

  • Understand Procurement Digitalisation (context, challenges) before moving towards appropriate solutions.
  • Participate with procurement experts to the development of future generation of procurement processes/platforms.


Participation fee: Free for VNL members


Working group lead
Vincent Faramaz, HEG (Genève)
Collaborateur Scientifique Procurement


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