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VNL - pioneering your future logistic developments

Since its establishment in 2008, VNL Schweiz has been actively promoting continuous advancement in the field of logistics. The network connects business and research in a collaborative effort to change the traditional, functional view of logistics and adopt new approaches to increase capability, productivity and performance through logistics innovation.

Logistics plays a vital role in determining success. Your competitiveness depends on the perfect coordination of processes between production, trading and logistics service companies. It also requires an infrastructure which is both optimally equipped and used.

VNL addresses logistics problems and drives innovation by drawing on research findings and technological expertise. When you want to optimize your company's logistics in the shortest possible time, VNL is there for you.

The specific ways in which you can benefit from VNL resources, the particular advantages you can gain from VNL membership - this you decide: through your active participation and engagement within VNL in intensive exchanges of knowledge and experience.

VNL is one of eight recognised National Thematic Networks (NTN). The NTN represent topics which are of relevance to the Swiss national economy and show high potential for innovation.

As a National Thematic Network VNL offers support where private sector initiatives can be boosted by public support measures: in your innovation activities.