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Working group: Digital Logistics / Logistics 4.0 - Digital Transformation in the Logistics Industry - CH

Objectives: Develop the new approaches for the Digital Logistics

This working group aims to exchange on opportunities, best practices and innovative solutions related to Digital Logistics with the objective to develop a research project.


What it is about?

How to leverage modern Logistics solutions to maintain a high-level competitiveness across the Swiss Industry? (goods and services)


How often do you meet?

  • Group meetings: 4 times a year
  • Conference calls: 6-8 times a year on average
  • Ad-hoc meetings: per request


Which topics are discussed?

  • Logistics 4.0 (processes, tools & services)
  • Digital Logistics
  • Smart Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Experience & Satisfaction
  • Vendor Management / SRM
  • QR codes, safety & security solutions


Participation fee: Free for VNL members


Working group lead

Vincent Faramaz, HEG (Genève)
Collaborateur Scientifique SCM
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