Shape your future
logistics with us!

Become part of a growing international competence network in business and science. Through your active involvement help create solutions for logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Enhanced Competitiveness
through Innovation
in Logistics and SCM

Shape your future logistics with us!

We consider logistics to be a central competitive
factor with high potential for development and
innovation in:

  • Industry
  • TradeTransportation
  • Services.

VNL- Schweiz is a meeting place for experts from
both business and research in the fields of:

  • Procurement
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management.

We connect industry and science.

We promote and support logistics development
through innovation.

We shape tomorrow's logistics.

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VNL, HEG Arc and IPG launch the «SCM in times of COVID-19» survey


Do you know how to establish a robust sense and respond organization that is ready to react, with agility and speed, to unforeseen value chain disruptions? In cooperation, we have developed a survey to help you determine your readiness and assess where your organization falls short on precautionary measures.

Be risk-ready and benefit
All participants will, among other things, receive vital information to become more risk resilient including an exclusive benchmarking report comparing the company scores to the average industry values as well as best practices and suggestions for improving the own SCM strategy. The survey is part of the Special Interest Group (SIG) «SC Risk Management».

About SIGs
SIGs addresses innovation topics and manages a development program over several years. The SIG is characterized by internationality, interdisciplinarity, FE roadmap with sub-areas, public events and conferences (FE projects).

Fill in the survey now and benefit:


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