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Logistik Technologie- und Innovationspark

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Logistik Technologie- und Innovationspark 2018

Experience exciting Start-Ups and their innovations!

Visit the Technology Innovation Park (TIP) in Hall 6 as part of the Logistics & Distribution exhibition, 18th and 19th November 2020.

The meanwhile well established TIP, for which currently different Start-Ups have qualified, will take place for the 5th time.

On the 1st day, the TIP exhibitors will present their innovations in exciting short presentations, in relation to the theme start-up and innovation promotion. In addition, on-site awards and -ceremonies for the best innovation and various match-making activities will ensure a varied day at the fair.

The award ceremony takes place on 18th November at 3.30 pm in the Solution Center, hall 5, stand A37.
This years supporter for the TIP-price is Siemens!

Logistikum Switzerland and the Swiss Logistics Faculty - the research network of the VNL - will also be presented.

You will find the Visit the Future Theatre, the TIP and the VNL in  hall 5, stand no. 5F35.

The exhibitors at the Logistics-TIP

CarbonCare calculates emissions for various types of transportation and provides reporting, data storage and emission certificates.
Kizy Tracking is a B2B global tracking system specifically designed to fulfill the visibility needs of the logistics and supply chain industry. It uses the existing global GSM infrastructure and local WiFi (no GPS) for positioning and communication.
Olympe developed a unique technology to augment existing systems and leverage new technologies. And real-time data processing done within the Olympe platform and sharingbusiness logic across a complex supply chain.
QRWayBill Sàrl will present their innovation «BioNatur Plastic». BioNatur is a truly biodegradable plastic which tremendously reduces the amount of trash languishing in a landfill.
Ponera Group is pioneering the Sustainable Logistics by modular, reusable Pallets & enabling the realization of Physical Internet.
workscooter GmbH makes your everyday work easier with the WorkScooter. WorkScooters are working tools, based on the Hoverboard. They are small, manoeuvrable, comfortable and can be charged at any power outlet.


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