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25th August - Start-Up Webinarreihe: 3. Olympe

03. September - Webinarreihe Covid-19: 2. Swisscom

22. September 2020 - Start-Up Webinarreihe: 4. QRWaybill

13th October - Start-Up Webinarreihe: 5. Ponera Group Sàrl

03.  November 2020 - Start-Up Webinarreihe: 6. WorkScooter

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Laurent Chatelanat


3. Start-Up Olympe: Extracting business value from IoT data

How valuable is IoT data to companies? Is it relevant to know that a door is open or closed? Maybe it’s supposed to be, or perhaps not, but IoT data is not warning you about this; it’s just saying things as they are.

There is a crucial difference between data visibility and data knowledge. During this webinar, we will discuss the importance and challenges of data sources aggregation, and the difference between analyzing what happened and monitoring what is happening.

Key topics

  • event stream processing
  • AI, data heterogeneity 

Laurent Chatelanat, Founder and CEO – Olympe, former IT Consultant, EPFL Alumni

Language: English     Date: 25th August 2020     Time: 4pm     Duration: 45 Minutes

The webinar is free of charge for everybody.



About the company
Olympe is a 30 employees software Scale-Up located in the EPFL Innovation Park. The company’s technology has been rewarded with different prices, such as the TOP100 Swiss Startups (2017-2018-2019), the European Digital Top 50 (2019), Euroforum Industry 4.0 (2019), and Ventures Leaders (2017). Olympe is a member of the Scale-Up Vaud and the HPE Swiss startup programs