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VNL Lean Tour Neuchâtel

11.09.2019 | VNL Event Französische Schweiz

Französische Schweiz

Lean is often associated with a physical reorganization of production or logistics processes, Rollomatic will show us that Lean does not stop there. Indeed, 7 years after the first Lean Manufacturing project, Rollomatic deploys Lean Service & Administration in all its sectors, from the development phase to after-sales service. The digitisation and digitisation of administrative processes has a very positive impact on the operational excellence of the services concerned.

Smart Supply Chain Management has become an essential element for companies to maintain a competitive advantage in the current economic environment. For this purpose, the Internet of Things, ERP, social media, etc. provide a huge amount of valuable data. However, this data is difficult to manipulate and interpret with the tools used to date. 

Therefore, a data-driven approach could be the solution. In this context, Process Mining is designed to assist in the planning and execution of business processes in various application areas and levels of the business model. Applied to Supply Chain Management, Process Mining is used to analyze business processes. It provides decision support tools to reduce or eliminate waste, such as lost time, unnecessary costs, bottlenecks and errors, depending on the reality on the ground.  

During this event you will be able to discover some concrete examples where the "field" reorganization of processes is supported by the information system (ERP, BI, BPM, portal,...). You will be able to discover the G.O.O.O.D. approach that Rollomatic has developed to best define and structure the organization, processes and tools within the framework of a Lean project, as well as the state of the art of the Smart Supply Chain concept and the results of a case study on the application of Process Mining to the manufacturing process of a Swiss company.

Place: Rollomatic Rue des Prés-Bugnon 3, 2525 Le Landeron

Time: 17h-19h

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