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Working group: Logistics for Smart Packaging

Objectives: The development of new integrated approaches for the design and management of ‘Logistics-Packaging’ solutions ensuring full compliance with sustainability, traceability and interoperability.

Logistics and supply chain management are no doubt impacted by the packaging issues and constraints. Logistics and supply chains have then to be designed at the same stage of the packaging design and development level. The working group aims at shaping new approaches for designing ‘logistics packaging’ solutions ensuring the compliance with:

  • sustainability in terms of materials and re-use
  • traceability in terms of tracking and monitoring
  • interoperability in terms of the use of new technologies such as Internet Of Things


The working group members are planning to meet 5 times a year, with a workload of half day at each meeting over a period of 3 months. At the end, the objective is to develop a full research proposal to be submitted to Innosuisse for funding in order to go ahead with the research and development phases.


How can you benefit

  • Ask to integrate the working group to get a better idea


Participation fee: Free for VNL members


Working group lead

Prof. Naoufel Cheikhrohuou
Geneva School of Business Administration
Professor of Logistics, Supply chain and Operations Management
Tel. +41223881899


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